This course offers a comprehensive approach that teaches ancient techniques and appropriate methods to activate and integrate every part of the chakra system in a safe and balanced way.

8 classes

This six-week course works through the process of transcending your personal story so that you can empower your life with healing, love and the unlimited power of your higher self. 

6 classes

Spiritual Alchemy

The best-known belief about Alchemy is that it can transmute lead into gold. However, the transmutation of non-precious metals into gold is a metaphor for the soul's liberation from the physically limited state of mind to that of realizing its light nature, and that its origins and final state are that of the divine.  This five-week course presents an overview of hermetic terms, elements, and principles as well as touching on some of the processes of universal reintegration.

5 classes

This 4-week in-depth course helps you evaluate your life and develop the skills to make positive decisions and changes that will bring success and balance into all aspects of your life.

4 classes

This course introduces Tai Chi as a method of combining yoga and meditation through gentle movements. The practice serves as a meditative exercise for the body and fosters a calm and tranquil mind.

5 classes

Essene Healing

The ancient community of the Essenes developed a spiritual practice that aided in awakening the spark of the Eternal within through simple and uncomplicated principles. For six weeks we will delve into the most meaningful, graspable and spiritually suggestive disciplines of their world as they are relevant to contemporary life.

6 classes

This introductory course explores yoga as a way of life and an integrated system of education for the body, mind, and inner spirit.

6 classes

This course offers a small portion of sacred knowledge so that the beauty and light inherent within the crystal world may continue to be shared and utilized by those who are instinctively drawn to it. The introductory class will help you become familiar with the crystal world, and each of the following five classes will focus on a particular stone and ways to use it.

6 classes

Dragon Healing

This 6-week course considers the entire range of behavior, personality, and intention as a  province of energetics and offers an introduction to the natural functions and disharmony states of the five-phase system.

6 classes

Margaret Wheatley

When we seek for connection, we restore the world to wholeness. Our seemingly separate lives become meaningful as we discover how truly necessary we are to each other.

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