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Spiritual Alchemy

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The origin of Alchemy dates back to predynastic Egypt where it manifested as a practicing art and science through the expression of the Egyptian spiritual practices. The Egyptian god Thoth and the Greek figure Hermes Trismegistus are credited with the early advancement of Alchemy. The Greeks learned Alchemy in the fourth century BC, while in Egypt. Several Greek philosophers, scientists, and mystics were initiated into the ancient Egyptian mysteries at this time. The Alchemists of the Middle Ages learned their art from Arabs in southern Europe, who in turn had studied in Greece. By the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, Alchemy was known widely throughout Western Europe.   

The best-known belief about Alchemy is that it can transmute lead into gold. However, the transmutation of non-precious metals into gold is a metaphor for the soul's liberation from the physically limited state of mind to that of realizing its light nature, and that its origins and final state are that of the divine.  This five-week course presents an overview of hermetic terms, elements, and principles as well as touching on some of the processes of universal reintegration.

What will be covered?

Hermetic Ideograms
Glossary of Terms
Universal Reintegration
Philosophical Vitriol
Elements of the Great Work

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