Mindfulness is a state of being where simple techniques and ideas are practiced to optimize the experience of living/being. While optimizing the experience of living/being is unique to every individual, there are some basic, shared concepts for living an optimal, mindful life. Awareness and knowledge of the whole self - mind, body, and personal energy - creates the environment for mindfulness. The product of mindfulness is sustained peace, happiness, health, purpose, harmony, well-being, and more.


 Circle of Trees invites you to walk the path of mindfulness. We have a series of workshops, classes, discussions, and more, each designed to foster mindfulness. Below is a description of three books in the "energetic toolkit series" that can be read independently or in conjunction with a class or workshop. The energetic toolkit series includes The Energetic Toolkit, the Mindful Manual, and the Willful Warranty. The goal of the series is to build a mindful life - first by collecting the "tools" needed, then by assembling the product using the "manual", and finally by writing a "warranty" to guarantee that the product will continue to work well.