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Energetic Toolkit: Welcome
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Mindfulness is a state of being where simple techniques and ideas are practiced to optimize the experience of living/being. While optimizing the experience of living/being is unique to every individual, there are some basic, shared concepts for living an optimal, mindful life. Awareness and knowledge of the whole self - mind, body, and personal energy - creates the environment for mindfulness. The product of mindfulness is sustained peace, happiness, health, purpose, harmony, well-being, and more.

Energetic Toolkit: About Me

 Circle of Trees invites you to walk the path of mindfulness. We have a series of workshops, classes, discussions, and more, each designed to foster mindfulness. Below is a description of three books in the "energetic toolkit series" that can be read independently or in conjunction with a class or workshop. The energetic toolkit series includes The Energetic Toolkit, the Mindful Manual, and the Willful Warranty. The goal of the series is to build a mindful life - first by collecting the "tools" needed, then by assembling the product using the "manual", and finally by writing a "warranty" to guarantee that the product will continue to work well.  


Energetic Toolkit

This book provides a “toolkit” of 21 mental exercises designed to heal, recharge, clean, and strengthen your personal energetic field and the energetic landscape in which you exist. We are all familiar with workout routines and techniques to improve the health for our physical bodies, yet we often overlook the importance of keeping our non-physical selves in good health as well. Your personal energetic field and the energetic landscape in which you live can be improved with ongoing mindful exercises. Your energy fuels your reality and this book will help you work with your energy to create a happy, peaceful existence. The toolkit is divided into three sections: Release and Let Go; Repair and Heal; Create and Manifest. Each section contains seven “tools”, or mental exercises, to practice on a daily basis for optimal energetic health.

Mindful Manual

This book provides a manual to help optimize the experience of being, by living a mindful life. It follows the Archery Technique (Ready! Aim! Fire!) of mindful living. It is divided into three sections, each focusing on one of the three main concepts of living a mindful life: Awareness (Ready!); Thoughtful Intent (Aim!); and Action (Fire!). The first section on being aware and “ready” focuses on your personal energy. The second section on thoughtful intent to “aim” focuses on your mind. The third section on taking action to “fire” focuses on your physical body. All three sections include seven ideas to help construct and to lead a mindful life.


Willful Warranty

The Willful Warranty is the third book in a series of three and is intended to be read after reading The Energetic Toolkit and The Mindful Manual, by Nancy Sandlin. The transition of the three books progresses from “toolkit” to “manual” to “warranty” for our product, which is a mindful life (optimizing the experience of living). However, it can certainly be enjoyed as a stand-alone book. The ideas and exercises can be beneficial to anyone’s quest for living a mindful life, regardless of previous readings and experiences. In The Willful Warranty, we will examine the three key warranty components - agreement, promise, and commitment - as they pertain to self, and we will design a guaranteed warranty to uphold the integrity of leading a mindful life.

Energetic Toolkit: Products
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