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Spring Flowers

Photosynthesis comes from the Greek words "phot", which means light, and "sunthesis", which means “combining together”. The process uses sunlight to combine carbon dioxide and water to produce glucose (simple sugar), which is the energy needed for plants to grow. The energy from sunlight is absorbed by a plant's chloroplasts, which sets the photosynthesis process into motion - sunshine to sugar. And of course, the flowers, which carry out the reproductive function, are a critical component to the life cycle of plants. On a non-physical energetic level, plants and flowers are sometimes thought to emit a frequency vibration that can affect our own energetic field. Some studies have even reported that just by looking at nature, the brain performs better. Stopping to admire the roses ensures that we are living in the moment, which is a vital key to happiness. Does it go the other way, too? Can we affect the plants and flowers by observing them? Some studies show that plants grown in an environment with classical music are healthier and grow faster. Some people claim that talking to plants makes them thrive. Perhaps our own personal energy is fertilizer to the process of photosynthesis, as it is with all things to which we focus our attention. Enjoy the Spring flowers and the win-win relationship with nature!

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