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Yoga of the Caucasus Mountains


August 7th through September 4th

7:00– 8:30 pm

Texts: A System of Caucasian Yoga, Count Walewski; The Abkhazian Book of Longevity and Well Being, Murat Yagan

Each being born into this world has a basic rhythm that begins with the first breath. Within this rhythm and vibration, the destiny and fate of the individual are hidden. By consciously applying careful observation, correct interpretation, and practical application to this rhythm we can express and channel the power and energy that lies within our soul.

Five intensive classes lead the participants through physical and mental exercises aimed at developing the human nervous system as a better home for the mind; this course provides a concise and correct manner of mastering oneself on the physical, mental, spiritual, and psychic planes.

What will be covered?

Sun Breath
Moon Breath
Earth Energy
Soul Energy
Mental Energy
Color Correspondences
Correct Posture

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