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Working with Totems


October 29th through November 26th

7:00– 8:30 pm

Texts: Animal-Speak The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small, Ted Andrews; Animal Wise The Spirit Language Signs of Nature, Ted Andrews

A totem is an element of the natural world that has significant meaning for us spiritually. Spirituality is not determined or limited by knowledge, reason, or creative intelligence and when we seek guidance and divine insight, there is no better place to look than nature. Various traditions around the world honor and recognize the ancient teachings of animals, as well as their ability to stir amazement and wonder inside of us.

This five-week course provides a window into the animal world by helping us understand their imagery and behaviors. Delving into their world and our connection to it allows us to bring wisdom and balance to our spiritual journey.

What will be covered?

Spirit Animals and Totems

Animal Imagery

Identifying Spirit Animals and Totems

Awakening to Your Spirit Totems

Beastly Behaviours

How Animals Communicate

The Mystery and Magic of Predator and Prey

The Human Chakra System

The Inner Totem Pole

The Year of the Inner Totem Pole

Augury and the Meaning of Landscapes

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