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The Tao

When the wise man hears of the Tao

he does his best to practice it.

When the average man hears of the Tao

he sometimes has it and sometimes loses it.

When the ignorant man hears of the Tao

he laughs aloud at it.

For if he did not laugh

it would not have been the Tao.

Thus it is said,

Those who understand the Tao seem foolish

Those who progress with the Tao seem backward

Those who follow the Tao seem aimless

For the finest harmony appears plain

The brightest truth appears covered

The richest character appears incomplete

The bravest heart appears meek

The simplest nature appears shapeless

The Tao is obscure and cannot be named

Yet it is a great teacher

And the master of accomplishment

Tao Wisdom

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