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Well established class systems are not easily uprooted

Closely held beliefs are not easily given up

So ritual imprisons generations upon generations

Harmony does not care about harmony

And so is naturally attained

But ritual is forced harmony

And so does not last

Harmony neither acts nor reasons

Love acts, but without reason

Justice acts to serve reason

Ritual acts to enforce reason

When the Tao is lost

There can remain harmony

When harmony is lost

There can remain love

When love is lost

There can remain justice

But when justice is lost

All there is left is ritual

Ritual is the end of compassion and genuineness

The beginning of confusion

Belief is a colorful hope or fear

The beginning of folly

The sage goes by harmony and not hope

He dwells in the fruit and not in the flower

He accepts substance and ignores sentiment

Tao Wisdom

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