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Blackberry Winter

Spring has sprung, blackberry winter is over, and grandfather pecan is awake. During my childhood "the old people" would use these statements to announce that it was time to plant the spring garden. They didn't have a fancy weather app on their phone, and even though the Farmer's Almanac was considered the garden bible, it was still these three statements that spurred everyone into motion.

Now that I am one of "the old people" I find myself looking to these three things before I even think of planting basil. Today I noticed the blackberries blooming, the pecan tree fully budded and, as my Mema used to say, the thermometer has sprung up, and it isn't going back down. So I am off to the local garden center to pick up a flat of basil and other tender veggies because even though my AccuWeather app says spring is here, it is a wink from grandfather pecan in the backyard that says its safe to plant.

Happy gardening everyone!!!

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