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Spring Planting Time

Spring is officially here today, and while it is still too early to plant tender veggies, heartier herbs and shrubs can go in now. So this has me thinking of the gate project that halted last November when winter arrived. With the gate finished it is now time to start planning the landscaping. The sever temperatures in January claimed several of the existing plants. The lemongrass, olive, and half the large rosemary all perished. We also lost several of the thyme plants, but the one thing that thrives is of course mint! That just means we can have more mint juleps this spring. Sage, tarragon, oregano, chives, parsley and pineapple sage all survived the cold as well as the blueberry that keeps the family of chipmunks happy. It looks a little bare at the moment, but I am very optimistic that by May the entrance gate will be in full bloom and thriving, along with the family of chipmunks that steal tomatoes.

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