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Lunar Energy

Just as there is an energetic pattern of an entire one-year cycle, there is an energetic pattern within a one-month cycle. The months are measures of time that were originally intended to capture a full lunar cycle (New moon, Waxing moon, Full moon, and Waning moon). Unlike the cycle of a year and the cycle of a day, which are both defined by the earth’s relation to the sun, the span of a month is defined by the moon and the moon’s relation to the earth. In many traditions, the moon is thought to be aligned with feminine energy, whereas the sun is associated with masculine energy. The moon’s association with feminine energy can be seen clearly through its influence on women and their natural cycles. Some beliefs illustrate the phases of the moon as the transition of a woman from Maiden (New Moon - Waxing Moon) to Mother (Full Moon) to Crone (Waning Moon). While there is no significant proven evidence that the phase of the moon physically affects the behavior of the earth’s inhabitants, its orbit around the earth and its gravitational relationship to the earth does influence the tides and is thought to influence the patterns of fish, birds, insects, humans, the weather, and much more. The moon and its lunar energetic cycle is a powerful force of nature, and we can benefit by understanding and aligning our energies with it. It is believed to influence creativity, intuition, adaptability, sentimentality, introspection, healing, gratitude, and more. At the time of a New Moon, it is good to set intent, to initiate new projects, and to foster creativity. The Waxing Moon is ideal for nurturing and cultivating goals in progress. The energy of a Full Moon presents an ideal time to focus on gratitude, appreciation, and celebration of completed goals. As the moon begins to wane, the energetic pattern supports introspection, leading to a period of releasing and letting go of unneeded/unwanted things. This helps make way for the new cycle to begin with a clean start.

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