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What is the difference between agreement and disagreement?

What is the difference between what is beautiful and what is ugly?

What is the difference between those who fear and are feared?

The people are merry as if in the throes of a magnificent party

Or playing at the park during spring

But I am tranquil and wandering

Like a newborn before it learns to smile

Alone, with no true home

The people have enough and more to spare

While I have nothing

My heart is foolish, muddy and cloudy

The peoples' are bright and certain

I am dim and confused

The people are clever and wise

Where I am dull and ignorant

Aimless as a wave drifting out to sea

Attached to nothing

The people are busy with purpose

While I am impractical and rough

I do not share the peoples' cares

I am fed at nature's breast

Tao Wisdom

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