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There are varying ideas and theories about time and whether it is linear, cycIic, or something else. There are several theories that support the idea of an "arrow of time" moving in one direction. However, the laws of physics in our physical world work the same forward and backward, so what exactly gives us the sense that matter and life are moving and proceeding in one direction? Entropy has been closely related to time by the Second Law of Thermodynamics which states that in an isolated system, microscopic disorder increases with time. If you measure the level of disorder, it should be easy to see which direction is the future. There is also the idea of a "cosmological arrow of time", which points in the direction of the universe's expansion. Another idea is the "causal arrow of time", where a cause precedes its effect, pointing the arrow towards the future. With the "perceptual arrow of time", our mind points from what is known (our past) to what is unknown (our future). Thinking about the unknown sets up a mental future which we move towards. However, merely thinking about the future makes it actually a part of the present, and with each passing present moment, a memory in the past. Can the future affect the present moment? Certainly thinking about the future can. Can certain particles of information or energy be free from time-related laws of quantum mechanics and travel back in time? It certainly works in the other direction with our past selves affecting our future selves. The Aymaran people of the Andes use a language that associates "ahead" with "past" and also associates "behind" with "future". In the Hindi language, the words "yesterday" and "tomorrow" both translate to the same word "kal" - meaning "one day remote from today". Are you spending too much time (putting too much energy) into thinking about the past, or the future? Take some time today to fill your present moment - the moment right here and now - with love, peace, and happiness. Feel the energy ripple out in all directions, affecting every moment in a positive way.

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