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Almost a month has passed, and the garden gate project is well underway. Old growth plants have been removed or heavily pruned back. I think the azaleas were the original plantings, so they were saved, but several of the more invasive plants had to go. The path leading to the gate is generous now and gives a very open and inviting view instead of the overgrown look from before.

Unfortunately one of the potted rosemary bushes died this summer. The remaining one is very healthy and after pruning is located in the garden bed with the rest of the herbs. Currently, there are two other rosemary bushes, a well-established oregano, and lavender bush. The tarragon plant is an annual, but the last few winters have been mild, so it returns each year. Rounding out the herbs is a very unhappy thyme plant that needs replacing in the spring, a rouge mint plant that creeps up in between other herbs, and last but not least a miniature olive tree that seems to be overwhelmed by the herbs surrounding it. They all received pruning and fertilization for the fall.

Finally, once all the hard labor ended, the measuring and list making began. The design is a bold undertaking because the current posts will remain. Wrestling the ground the first time was a chore, and while it presents many design challenges, it is the best way to go to keep them where they are. Considering the time of the year and all the holidays, I think a three-month timeline is still achievable. Fingers crossed!!!

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