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In the Northern hemisphere, the "veil" between the physical world and the spiritual/energetic world is thought to be at its "thinnest" around the end of October, or early November. The cycle of the year, sometimes called the Wheel of the Year, has once again made a complete turn and has worn thin - with most of its energy spent on the growth cycles of Spring and Summer. Veils serve to protect or to conceal, and they create a boundary between two things. With a thinned veil between the physical and the spiritual/energetic world, we can gain unique sight into increased consciousness, divine dimensions, and energetic fields that are usually harder to access. Our friends in Mexico honor this special time of the year with Dia de los Muertos festivities as it is an ideal time to honor ancestors and loved ones who have left the physical world. It is also an ideal time to think about your own personal veil. Imagine that you have a veil that protects and/or conceals your physical being from your non-physical being, or your spiritual/energetic self. It separates your normal day-to-day thinking and physical activity from your higher self and your higher consciousness. Are you aware if your energetic veil naturally thins at certain times of the year? Do you have times that is feels easier to connect with your higher self? Is your veil too thick at times to see through it?

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