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Meditation for Balance


September 9th through October 14th

7:00– 8:30 pm

Texts: How to Meditate Using Chakras, Mantras, and Breath, Dennis K. Chernin

Meditation itself dwells on the other shore and is the condition of sustained and uninterrupted concentration. It is the recognition of the world as it is and in its primordial purity. Meditation cuts through all veils and obstacles, sensitively touching the deepest essence underlying all phenomena with clarity and compassion.

This six-week inquiry into meditation will be both passionate and tentative. We will learn to commune inner contemplation that seeks to enlighten the primordial purity within.

What will be covered?

Sitting Preliminaries

Meditation and Health

Theosophical Perspectives

Meditation and Yoga

Chakra Meditations

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Meditation: Testimonials
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