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Ladies of the Lake


September 11th through November 13th

7:00– 8:30 pm

Text: Ladies of the Lake, Caitlin Matthews

The Arthurian legend arose through oral tradition, what we call mythology, and passed into literary transcription. From there it was given a literary stamp by different authors, in very much the same way as a modern soap opera. The result has been a varied and complex set of stories centered around Arthur.

This course deals with both the inner levels - the teachings the Ladies of the Lake have to give to us - and with the outer levels of the stories. There is an exchange between the two levels which is not often apparent.  The Ladies of the Lake cannot be viewed through the simplistic glass of modern feminist politics, which often distorts traditional archetypes of the inner worlds into disempowered victims of male aggression. They are powerful, resourceful lineage-holders of our native tradition who have the persistent endurance of water to affect our world. The context of our nine Ladies and their many sisters is genuinely an archetypical one.

What will be covered?
Ninefold Sisterhood
Celtic Myth and Legends
Celtic Romance
The Sovereign Sisterhood
Esoteric Dream Principles
Symbol and Image in Celtic Art
Dark Goddess Manifestation
Grail Lore
Magic and the Use of Imagination

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