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Japanese Swordsmanship


November 3rd

1:00-4:00 pm

Texts: The Sword & The Mind: The Classic Japanese Treatise on Swordsmanship and Tactics, Hiroaki Sato (translated by); Japanese Swordsmanship: Technique and Practice, Donn F. Draeger

The pinnacle of swordsmanship emerged in the second half of the fifteenth century in Japan, ironically when the value of the sword militarily was at its least. An integral part of the martial art was the concept of using the sword to only respond to the opponent. In this respect, the sword was not a yang blade but instead a yin blade. In other words, this is to see the sword as a defensive weapon instead of an offensive one. 

This hands-on workshop brings together classic swordsmanship tactics and mental movement meditation so that the physical practice helps the practitioner center and ground their energy. This method of purposeful movement brings clarity of intent and dismisses the need for strength or weakness within and without. 

What will be covered?

Arms and Legs

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