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Iona Grove: Upcoming Events
Wild Path

The Bard's Path

25 years ago I discovered a circle of hardwoods in my backyard. You would think one would notice such a thing before buying a house, but the back half of the acre was severely overgrown with ivy, wisteria and blackberry brambles, not to mention poison ivy. It wasn't until I started clearing out the brush that I realized what was there and began my exploration into the wisdom of nature.


The Ogham

Is the Ogham a long-dead language from a time before the age of humans, or are they a pictorial language used as a kind of Celtic shorthand? Archaeologists believe that Ogham inscriptions on prehistoric standing stones were later additions, most likely fifth century, and were created to represent the Gaelic language in a symbolic form. Like much of Celtic history and lore, the Ogham alphabet rises out of myths only to be replaced by a history overwritten by Christian influences in early Britain. What we do know is that many bards found inspiration in the versatility and inventiveness of its creators. They studied the basic Ogham sequences and used them extensively in their tales and works. No study of Druid wisdom would be complete without a basic understanding of the Ogham.

Autumn Leaves

A Journey Through The Seasons

A love of nature is at the heart of Druidism, and this love manifests most profoundly in the changing of the seasons.  Eight times a year, centered around the solstices, equinoxes and cross-quarter days, Druids gather to celebrate nature's pattern and rhythm and to align their lives with the magic of being in harmony with the natural world. Whether it is a public festival or a personal celebration, it is all about soaking in the energies of trees, plants, earth, and sky. It is a perfect time to fully open to the present moment and radiate our love and blessings to the Earth and all beings.

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