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Laying the Foundations for Abundance


August 6th through September 10th

7:00– 8:30 pm

Texts: Money Magnetism How to Attract What You Need When You Need It, J. Donald Walters; The Law of Attraction Manifesto, Lateef Terrell Warnick

The natural Laws of the Universe are all around us, and most have interaction with some if not all of them on a daily basis, however when we ignore them, we will experience struggle, unfulfilled destiny and lack of direction.

The nature of humanity is to believe in things we can observe and interact with via the senses, while doubting those things we can't perceive or define clearly. However, the Laws of the Universe influence our lives much like the roots of a tree influence the tree. Beneath the surface and out of sight, they exert much power, and without them, the tree would not stand.

This 6-week course looks into the Laws of the Universe that influence prosperity and abundance in our lives and seeks to show that the opportunities and success we search for is within us. It is not in our environment or contained in the items surrounding us.

What will be covered?

What is Wealth

Presence and Creativity

Subconscious Wealth


Being Practical in Your Idealism

Non-Attachment and Reciprocity

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