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Feng Shui in Your Environment

Texts: Feng Shui For The Soul, Denise Linn. Feng Shui: From Beginner to Expert, Joline McMatthews

Feng Shui is pronounced “fung schway” means “wind and water.” Visualize the way water flowing down a stream will go around the contours of rocks, and you understand how energy flows around the objects in your living space. With Feng Shui, you can use pure intent to direct the flow of energy in your home in such a way that will support and energize all aspects of your life.

Whether you live in a large home or a studio apartment, this workshop will teach you about the guardians and elements at each direction, energetic beings who want your attention and respect as well as the soul of your living space. Your approach to Feng Shui can be either highly ritualized or quietly aware, whichever works for you.

What will be covered?

Energetic Movement

Spiritual Home

Elemental Wisdom

Ba-Gua Map

Energy Cleansing

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