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Divination as Ritual

Texts: The Book of Runes, Ralph Blum; The Fool’s Pilgrimage, Stephan A. Hoeller; The Magical I Ching, J.H. Brennan.

As long as people have believed in gods, there has been an attempt to communicate with them through a variety of methods. Divination reaches into antiquity to transcend religion and spiritual philosophies. The distinction between divination and fortunetelling is thin, but for this workshop, we draw the line at the ritual nature of divination as well as the attempt to communicate with a higher consciousness.

This introductory workshop will focus on the history and use of the Tarot, Runes and the I Ching as methods of communicating with a higher consciousness. This communication can be used for self-awareness as well as developing an internal language that assists the practitioner in deep understanding and growth as it relates to their spiritual path.  Tarot cards, Runes and I Ching materials will be provided, however, if you prefer to bring your own, please feel free to do so.

What will be covered?

Origin of Runes

The Oracle of the Self

Rune Spreads

Major Arcana

Tarot Spreads

Yin and Yang

Posing Questions

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