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August 18th

1:00-4:00 pm

Texts: Astrology for the Soul, Jan Spiller; Charting Your Spiritual Path with Astrology, Stephanie Jean Clement

Ancient cultures tracked the stars and the east to west arc of the six visible planets. They believed that behind their physical properties were invisible forces because the cosmos was not dead matter but alive with creative mind forces. They practiced an intuitive science that stated the geometry of the heavens revealed detailed patterns in the affairs and natures of humanity and explored the truths that man and the cosmos mirror each other. They believed man’s celestial consciousness contains the universe and the cosmos synchronizes with the terrestrial layers of that consciousness, body, emotions, and intellect. 

This introductory workshop lays the foundation for understanding the natal placement and movement of the stars and planets and how each of these affects our potential in life. This profound connection offers peace from knowing the purpose of incarnation as well as the potential and paths available through careful evaluation of the placement.

What will be covered?

How to Read the Natal Chart

The Sun Placement

The Moon and Your Inner Voice

The Elements

The Houses


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